Teach Ag Daily, Preparing for the Summer

Teach Ag Daily, blog is about the classroom activities, improvements, and improvisations of lessons. The goal of the blog is to create better lessons through reflection and the recording of activities. Today’s goal is to visit a few graduation parties and between the parties finalize plans for the two summer school courses I will be teaching. The first course is “Filling the Cupboard: a course in modern gardening practices and community service”. The main activity for this course will be setting up a community garden at the local food pantry. The food produced in these gardens will be for the people who are in need of fresh vegetables. The second course is called “Summer Sausage”. This course will teach students the basics of preparing different meat products. After polling the students this last week, they are really interested in jerky and snack sticks. The class will also be making bratwurst ¬†for the summer FFA activities.