Lures and Lunkers

Lures and Lunkers is a summer school class to introduce students to growing their own bait and learn skills in lure making. The culminating activity of the course is a day out at the pond. The school has a meats processing lab that the day’s catch can be prepared and smoked.

The idea is that the class be offered to 6th-12th grade students.

Bait raised would be meal worms, night crawler, and wax worm

Day 1. Introduction to lure making and bait farming.

  • Build spoons – building a spoon lure is one of the easiest to do with a few split rings and some split ring pliers almost any convex metal object can be turned into an effective lure.
  • Life cycle of a mealworm – mealworms are the larvae stage of the darkling beetle. Supply each student with a dish (recycled sour cream tub with holes in the top) of about 10 mealworms, 2 inches of oatmeal, and a baby carrot. The entire mealworm’s lifecycle is too long for a one week summer school course. If you have some pupae and beetles to add to the mix for the students to see the entire life cycle that can help.
  • General tour of the equipment and the rest of the week.
  • Casting practice. Usually through your local DNR there are fishing educational materials that can be loaned out to instructors. Go out into a parking lot and practice casting a line.

Day 2. Spinner baits and Fish information

  • Hand out fish wildcards from the Wisconsin DNR
  • Discuss the adaptations of each fish and what they like to eat. Separate fish into different piles based on characteristics. If you have fish in the classroom use them as an example to explain different fish adaptations.
  • Build spinners to attract a specific species of fish.

Day 3. Fly tying and Worms

  • Explain the worm life cycle and how a worm farm works
  • Practice baiting a hook
  • Waxworm life cycle
  • Fish Identification and fish habitat
  • Bag limits and fishing licences

Day 4

  • Post a sign on your door that the class has gone fishing.

Day 5

  • Process fish that were caught on day 4