December is coming up. It’s a short month but at times it may go on forever. One of the reasons for this is that it is the annual fruit sale distribution. Fruit comes in one day and hopefully before all the students leave for the long break all of it is gone. It is an easier task to do when the walk-in cooler is working. Students sell the fruit for about a month starting in October. All orders are turned in before the Thanksgiving break. It’s a good fundraiser for the group.

On the day of fruit arrival all students pitch in and examine the fruit. It’s a great mini lesson on how fruit ripens and how to tell if a fruit is ripe. Having double doors on most of my spaces allows the fruit sorting to go smoothly. When all the fruit has passed inspection the students take their order sheets and start separating the orders into piles.

What can put a fruit sale off track is having all of the products come in on time. Our sale includes six different vendors, two local cheese makers, two local butchers, fruit supplier, and nut supplier. Sorting fruit and organizing fruit may take a few days. So if all product arrives by Wednesday of delivery week things still seem to flow good. The worst is when fruit shows up on a Thursday and the nut delivery shows up on the following Monday. On top of that half of the nut order is on back order.

Other December activities are decorating a tree for a community display and perhaps a sledding party or two. It is also the month to get students signed up and start practicing for the spring competitions. It’s the end of the storming time of the officer team formation and just in time for the norming stage as practices begin.


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