Food Products and Processing Triangle Test

This year I have decided that my food products and processing class final will be developing a new product. To better connect this project with FFA and the industry I plan to introduce the project with a Triangle Test. A Triangle Test is what food scientists use to test the difference between two different products. Two famous internetainers conduct this kind of test often. The comedic duo Rhett and Link have done the Wal-Mart and Costco challenges on their show Good Mythical Morning along with other exotic food tests.

So to introduce a food tasting lab and to bring in a bit of humor and a basis for discussion I plan to play a Good Mythical Morning video for students and discuss how taste of the foods were described on the show. If needed for a prompt to students to use vocabulary words, Jimmy Fallon’s Word Sneak game could also be employed. When describing foods to one another or answering a question students must sneak words into their explanations.

The resource link for this post and also a lab on the Taste Triangle:



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