An Irksome post is a great opening to discuss annoying things. I will avoid talking about school based items to address something that is apathetic to just about everything, cats. Cats are irksome. Here are a few words about my cat. My cat is named Cat. Cat is mostly white. I brought cat home from the humane society when she was about 9 months old. In the beginning Cat would do just about anything to avoid contact with people. I would give her many boxes and toys to play with in a room that was deemed the cat room. The cat room was created so that Cat would acclimate gradually to her new home. She still enjoys the room to this day and expects to play with string if I am in there. Cat has developed some irksome behaviors over time. The first is shedding. Since Cat is mostly white her fur shows up just about everywhere. Constant brushing isn’t enough to keep her hair at bay. She is a short-haired cat but enjoys and insists on shedding most of the day. The second irksome behavior is lap sitting. Sometimes Cat can be cuddly and sit on laps without any problem. Most of the time Cat attempts to sit on a lap that is busy with a computer, book, or phone. This causes some inconvenience for the person and a cold Cat. Another irksome behavior is Cat’s tendency to run around wildly for no seemingly good reason. At times this activity is humorous to watch, like Cat is putting on a show of all the things she can do. One of which is running into walls. However the humor is lost after paperwork is run through or the noise of a cat bolting up the stairs becomes way to repetitive. On a positive note to end this post. Cat never chews through cables, does not scratch furniture, purrs really well, and will chase a string if you want to play. Cat is soft and is easy to take care of. She catches mice if any would dare step into the house and she also rarely throws up. My cat is cool. Her name is Cat.



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