Classroom Routine

Inspired by a House Cleaning Routine Post on I thought it would be a good idea to write out a weekly classroom cleaning/organizing routine.


Read over lessons for the day.

Review daily objectives on the white board

Open attendance/grade book system

Ready graded papers to hand back to students

Review and add any items to teacher’s daily log


Take pictures of any notes needed on the board

Erase white boards if not a task done by custodial staff

Review attendance for the day (set aside extra copies of work in a folder for missing students)

Enter grades and file them for handing back next day

Review teacher’s daily log and forward any tasks needed to the next day

Clear desk



Monday: Storage Room, review inventory, check that it is locked

Tuesday: Greenhouse, water plants, check for leaks in watering system, look at any error codes, throw out dead plants

Wednesday: Meats Lab and classroom refrigerators, throw out any expired food, wash towels and aprons

Thursday: Ag Shop, check safety equipment

Friday: Office and Classroom, finalize grading on project work and retakes, set up materials for following week


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