Bus Ride Professional Development

Does this situation ring any bells? Enclosed in a small space for hours with colleagues, eating a quick lunch between meeting with industry professionals, and talking about the progress of classes. Some may call it a curriculum meeting, others call it an advisory meeting, and the new educational lingo may call it PLC. I call it National FFA Convention Bus Ride.

I’m sure I will never get any professional development credits for a journey that I can take a nap on a whim. However, there is a great opportunity to be reflective with other teachers while traveling. It’s never a forced conversation it’s just what’s talked about. It helps that some students migrate up to the teacher section and ask a few questions about a test or some grading sparks some conversation.

The timing of this professional development course is perfect. Most of the teachers on the bus have been through a first round of parent teacher conferences, homecoming, and have established their SLO goals. It’s a good time of year to break down what has happened with other teachers in the same content area. Great to exchange new horror stories and happy stories. In the end, I think I will make a certificate of completion of over 20 hours on a bus ride for this “professional development”.


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