Reflecting on Teaching – Binders

Reflecting on teaching takes many forms. This blog is a method of reflecting on teaching. Sitting in the lounge and discussing the morning’s lessons with other teachers also works. After needing to collect evidence all throughout last year as part of a summative evaluation I have developed a new way of myself to be a reflective teacher. I have created a binder for each of my roles Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor.

In my teaching binder I have classes separated by hour. Each class is taught from a packet of formative assessments. The first page of each of these packets is the unit plan which includes a vocabulary list. As the unit is taught I keep notes via post-its or write directly in my answer key packet on how the lesson went. If there is student work that displays great improvement or is significant to an area of teaching I need to improve I can put a 3 hole punch in it and add it to the binder. At the end of the year or end of the unit I can take the notes and generate the next better version of my curriculum. With old pages and updated pages in existence the improvement of teaching has physical evidence. Having this evidence makes a summative evaluation go great.

For my FFA Advisor binder I separate the binder by month. Every activity in each month has a to do list, previous year’s notes, and copies of the paperwork that needs to be turned into the office. At the beginning of each month going through the binder two months ahead gets me ready to instruct my FFA officers in their roles. My school requires one month advance notice for trips. Since trip dates are the major change every year I can take my binder, create photocopies of what I need, and add the new date for the activity. Like my teaching binder I can add notes during and after every event to keep improving the FFA program. When I look at my binder monthly I can condense my notes digitally and update my binder. The evidence needed for my summative evaluation is automatically created.

This is the first year I am trying out a level of organization at this magnitude. I hope by using these binders I can improve on Danielson Framework Domains 1c, 1d, 1e, 2c, 2e, 3a, 3e, 4a, 4b, 4e, and 4f.



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