Together automatically gets me thinking of group projects in class and PLC.

Group projects I find at times being less beneficial for all students. I think the individual work and then sharing what each individual has done is better. Think-pair-share and gallery walks are sometimes better than a big group project. I think that a group project that has the entire class working as a group is better than breaking the class up into tiny groups. The lazy students will find a way out and the overachieving students will naturally do most of the work, or so it seems. One of my biennial class projects is making bratwurst. The students must work together to complete a process and learn the concepts of HACCP. The assessment requires students to use a collections of pictures I took of them completing the process of making brats and create a lesson to teach elementary students the process of making brats for our annual Ag Day. Ag Day is when all of the elementary students get a dose of agricultural learning. Some year’s the day is hosted at a farm and sometimes students travel to the elementary school. Students demonstrate how to make brats with a demonstration and a slide show including photos from when the class made a batch of brats.

To integrate PLC in this instance I think I could invite a science teacher in to talk about what happens in the oxidation of meat. I could also talk to the marketing or art department to help create packaging. The math department could help figure out some of the finances in making bratwurst but that’s a bit of a stretch.



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