Unpredictable is one word I would use to describe the antics of the staff during homecoming. One of the highlights of homecoming at my school is the lip sync competition. The students use the homecoming theme to mash up songs and perform a lip sync for homecoming points. The staff really isn’t involved in other activities but enjoy some extra PLC time to create their own lip sync.

Part of building the school’s community is how the staff gets involved in things outside of the classroom. Doing these extra activities is like adding the extra helping of glue to keep the noodle art kept together.

It also gives the staff a break from meeting in so serious of groups before school and after school. The entire district seems to get behind the homecoming lip sync cause. There are elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and high school teachers all participating to best the students, even the principal, school nurse, and head football coach join the cause.

It’s a small town and a small school atmosphere. Bottom line, no matter how big the school, getting involved in any way can be encouraging for the staff and students.


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