Zing! Make lessons exciting. Tell some jokes. Find a costume. Become a character. Use impressions. Quote some songs. Make references to pop culture.

In these first few weeks of school I have used some Laffy Taffy level jokes to keep the attention of students. I think they work just because everyone will be quiet to hear a joke. Once the punchline is over and the floor is yours as instructor the chatty situation is diminished with none to minimal confrontation. I’ve found the same jokes work for 6th grade all the way through 12th grade. The problem I’m having is that I run out of jokes by the end of the day because I’m bored with them or I’ve needed more jokes that day than I planned. I think one or two jokes a day isn’t a bad goal. There are great websites that are within the reach of Google to print a few. I just don’t go to that level because I don’t want to be reading the jokes during class. It would just ruin the flow. Perhaps I scheme up a way to have jokes on my desk or a podium.

Zing! Making a lesson interesting can be difficult at times. This morning my foods class came in the door asking if we were going to make anything. I saw this as a great opportunity to provide a little extra food production. Today’s assignment was to label the school’s meats lab with signs that are required in state inspected food production facilities.  The sign lesson had some extra time I could take away to add something in so I instructed the students how to make some mayo. Hopefully when the students are done the have some Zing! for a sandwich.



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