Weekends are a natural recharge for students and teachers. However when the first week of school is followed by the town’s festival and then homecoming planning meetings are messing with a the schedule, recharge is a foreign concept. The allure of a new school year and a new start with some classes is wearing off and old habits from previous years are resurfacing. What can make this time of year a bit more bumpy is that the grade book is so thin that a single assignment can take a student to the extremes of the GPA scale.

It’s a lot of energy pulled from teachers and students alike. The need to recharge is definitely felt.

I recharge at home. Sometimes listening to music and sometimes working on developing my hobbies like raising a small flock of chickens or blogging.

If you are a student or teacher just take the time to recharge. A quick nap maybe all you need to come back better than ever.


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