Plop, the sound made by almost every animal in agriculture as it poops. Poop can tell someone much about an animal’s health. I do a lab that I borrowed along the way that teaches students to examine an animal’s health by it’s poop. Different livestock diseases will produce different symptoms in stool. Some emit a fishy smell while others turn the poop green or darker color. Using brownies and chocolate pudding as the base students read about common symptoms and re-create the crap.

Most samples become edible at the end of the lab and are a fun treat. One of the samples includes some juice from a tuna can so… Don’t eat that one.

For students to have a little fun during the FFA assembly in February students take a guess at where a chicken will poop. The chicken is placed ceremoniously at the start of the assembly and one prominent staff member is bestowed the title of crap checker until the chicken plops. It’s great fun and adds a bit of suspense to the assembly.



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