Mirror ball

My mirror ball. Only to be used for good.

The best mirror I have. As a teacher I try to be involved with many different things at school. When some students got wind that I was a DJ and knew my way around a  sound system I got asked to DJ homecoming. I didn’t have any lights for the dance and the sound system that I used was the school’s system from the gymnasium. The previous dance at the school was classroom computer speakers. So far an upgrade. For the lights I created my own rig. I have done a few things with hobby electronics and attached a few RGB LED strips to some cardboard and had them react to sound. I had a few other patterns too. So, four meters of LEDs and the school’s sound system got me through my first dance. On my request sheet I make sure to write my rules of song requests. “No Bieber, No Nickleback”

Every show I have a few improvements to my rig. A mirror ball and a spotlight has been the latest addition. It’s a pretty low tech light show. With a large enough system from the school it’s been a good run. I also have a fog machine, but I can’t use it in school. In the meantime the sound reactive light system is setup in my classroom. When listening to music the lights flicker and put on a good show. I have two, five meter 300 RGB LED strips above my cabnets and shelves to illuminate the celing. There is also one additional strip of 150 RGB LEDs underneath the shelves in the back of my room to get a floor effect. I am working with a student now on a technology SAE to incorporate bluetooth capability in the system. Potentially the sound will carry from the classroom into the shop and serve both rooms.


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