A sidewalk is a great place to display learning. Most modern smart boards are not large enough to display life-sized pictures and diagrams of livestock, farm machinery, and buildings. The sidewalk can be a great place to explore science and measure the cosmos.

Students want to be outdoors most of the time when it is nice outside. To the advantage of the teacher with the non-air conditioned room introducing a lesson with play  is great.

Put the sidewalk art in a place of traffic so that students can review the material as they get on and off the bus.

Writing notes on the sidewalk may not be the best way to deliver material. However, having students use the sidewalk to create a chart or graph to show different statistics from a lab can be a way to share information. If a classroom oversees a sidewalk or a large surface of pavement, large graphs can be made so that students can compare results from a big picture view, or second story window.

Teaching biosecurity to students is traditionally done with some powder that glows and gets everywhere. Using sidewalk chalk to draw different farm layouts students have a large amount of space to demonstrate how they would travel on a farm to keep animals healthy.

The phone camera can make the sidewalk chalk lesson last forever. Instead of a DVD or film strip story to explain a topic or a lab. Students can be assigned a set of sidewalk squares to deliver information to one another. Students can write down, draw, or place objects on sidewalk squares and record a snapchat, tweet, regular video, or vine and post it with the class’s hash tag so that all of the class can find the information. If a teacher has a blog or twitter account students can post to those spaces too.



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