Can I get a Witness?

Is a response I would like to call out to the age old question of “When are we going to use this?”. It would be some kind of wonderful if it were that easy.

Of course everyone can have a witness to where to use learning in the classroom is applied in the real world by inviting a guest speaker. Guest speakers are great not only because it’s a day off of being in front of the room but, it makes the message not just the teacher’s. So… SUPER EFFECTIVE!

A guest speaker may be able to better answer some of the tougher questions students have about a career that the teacher may eventually refer to a professional. Community in the classroom is also a huge advantage. Students get connected with adults. More adults get connected with the school. The department can gain supporters.

Also, there are plenty of in house guest speakers to use. If you know another teacher has a cool hobby that relates to a lesson it’s a perfect opportunity to do some cross curricular work. Students are also great guest speakers. At times some of my students have more experience in taxidermy and deer processing. I had a few students come in during study hall to work ahead on a project and then I introduced them as a guest speaker to their classmates.

I have students fill out a note card with three questions so that if there is a lull or a place questions can be asked that they are prepared with some material. It’s helped out in a few cases. Sometimes the cards are handed out a day or two before the trip as we are preparing. Other times it’s on the bus on the way to the trip.



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