Make things obvious in class. Spoon feeding information is one thing, making things obvious is another. Being obvious means to be clear and concise with directions for tests, rules, supply locations, due dates, expectations, and everything else. The barrier to entry on getting the logistics of school right should be very low. The rigor for content can be the challenge that is within the range of whatever the school board, state standards, and curriculum.

I feel that I am most obvious in my classes with the material I have been working on for years. My new stuff is a little cryptic even to me at times. I don’t know how students will react to the new material. Some lessons that I have picked from prior years may flop this year just because it’s a new bunch of students.

Obviously students know what mood you’re in before / the instant they walk in your door.

Obviously students appreciate the time you take out of your day to go watch one of their athletic events.

Obviously if directions aren’t clear students will do the minimum or fail to complete the assignment.

Obviously if a student can find a spot to use their phone in class they will.

Obviously it is a good practice to recognize honestly the success of students as often as you can.

Obviously using references from the 1980s won’t “enhance” the effectiveness of a staff meeting presentation unless a smoke machine, a cover hair metal band, and lasers are present.

Obviously keeping the online grade book up to date so that students don’t have a bad time at school and you don’t have a bad time at work is a good idea.

Obviously keeping parents informed of student achievement and behavior is also a good idea.

Obviously have some extra pencils around the room for the student that forgets their pencil, gets a new one, looses it, and then every day for the entire school year repeats the process.

Obviously a student centered classroom is better than a teacher centered classroom.



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