Ideas from the State FFA Convention

The State FFA Convention is a great place to inspire studetns to try new things. This is the first convention I brought with me middle school students to the convention. The middle school students were very excited about the opportunities that they were learning about. Again and again during the convention I heard the phrase “I could do that” from my students.  That phrase lead into some great converstaions at Culvers during lunch. Our discussion lead to an idea of partnering with the 7th grade science fair. Some projects we discussed were; a study on the best way to reheat frozen pizza, a study on the best potato to french fry, the effect of french fry shape on cooking time, how much ice is needed for your soft drink at Culvers when the drink is chilled before it is dispensed, and the strechiness of cheese of the standard frozen pizza.

Students also shared ideas about different Superviesed Agricultural Experince projects. My community is steeped in Amish Ag Tourism so my studetns thought it would be great to make barn quilts for farms around town to promote the local dairy scene to the people coming out to see the horse and buggies. Other students realized that their projects at home were on par with what they saw on stage at convention.

State convention may be the end of the year for the FFA chpater but it is a great beginning for new ideas and motivation.




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